Built To Take On The Challenge
A combination of larger-diameter pipe with a lengthy installation through various soil condition including solid rock, Apollo™ empowers you, A2000R with superior power and driller friendly technology – your key to success.
A2000R Horizontal Directional Drill is loaded with 265,216 lb. (120,300 kg) of Thrust and Pullback force and 39477 Nm of spindle torque to power through in any soil condition. A2000R is engineered to attain maximum productivity, powered by, 402-hp(300-kW) CAT® engine. The turbo charged CAT® engine efficiently delivers tremendous power to all drilling functions so that you can achieve the target faster. The need of huge and costly support machinery has been reduced by our optional onboard crane, this largely reduces the transportation cost, jobsite size and set up time. Actuated, Climate controlled operator’s cabin offers perfectly designed panel for maximum visibility and conveniently placed controls eliminate blind spots and provides clear view of the tool joint.
Built on heavy duty double rack and pinion is proven and successful to push/pull through long tough bores.
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