Apollo-Elgin MT1000HDXS

The Apollo-Elgin MT1000HDXS is ideal for today’s contractors looking to process up to 1,000 gallons per minute (63 lps) in a compact, user-friendly design. Traditional systems offer a single pass cleaning process leading to poor separation of solids with high sand content. The Apollo-Elgin MT1000HDXS features a multi-pass configuration, allowing each cut to be returned to the primary tank for continuous recirculation. This feature maximizes the shaker and hydrocyclone cleaning performance.

Featuring Apollo-Elgin’s Hyper-GTM patented shaker with “water-fall” screen system that dramatically reduces the potential for solids bypass typically encountered by damaged screen gaskets, improper installation, and flooding of the rear gasket by fluid. Dual shaker configuration maximizes solids separation with dedicated hydrocyclone desander and desilter manifolds capable of handling higher solids content.

Class leading 250 series centrifugal pumps maximize pressures needed to ensure proper mixing, optimum hydrocyclone performance, reduced hopper clogging, and adequate transfer pressure back to drilling rig. Inset pump pockets provide for reduced plumbing and consistent head pressure and ease of maintenance.

Combined with a 6” hopper with venturi nozzle, 6,000-gallon (22,712 liters) tank with high-pressure mud guns, high/low level tank sensors and hydrocyclone isolation valves, makes the Apollo-Elgin MT1000HDXS packaged fluid reclaimer the perfect solution for your solids control needs.

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