Falcon F5+

New Falcon F5+

For over 30 years, DigiTrak® has set industry standard for us, ability in locating and accessibility of advance features. With the Falcon+ feature enhancements, DigiTrak® locating is more powerful and easier to use than ever. The result is easier training, faster set up, and more time to complete more jobs.

Interference is the biggest obstacle in HDD locating. The Falcon F5+ has the broadest range of frequencies of any locater on the market. The ultra-low frequencies of our Sub-k™ Rebar transmitter enable accurate drilling under reinforced concrete, while the higher frequencies combat active interference caused by cell towers, traffic loops and power lines.

Falcon F5+ automatically scans over 1000 frequencies and chooses the best within each band for your job site. Drill with two bands, and switch between them mid-bore as interference condition change. Using 25 frequencies simultaneously allows you to get the job done the first time, while the competition is limited to using only one frequency at a time while drilling.

Falcon F5+ gives you the performance and versatility to complete the job safely, accurately, and on time. The one Locater for all your jobs.

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