An underground magnetic tracking system with unique capabilities.

ParaTrack-2 is a magnetic tracking system employing state of the art electronics with advanced magnetic tracking capabilities. ParaTrack-2 uses selectable magnetic sources to fit the requirements of the most exacting HDD project.

Non-wire based magnetic sources allow faster set up for conventional crossings, are used to assist in developing line azimuth and are used to benchmark long crossings offshore. The Rotating Magnet source is used in intersect drilling.

ParaTrack-2 is the only HDD tracking system on the market designed for guidance from AC magnetic field sources. The use of AC magnetic field measurement yields large dividends in tracking accuracy at deeper depths and in extremely noisy magnetic environments

• Can be set up as a single cable from entry to exit

• Can range against other pipelines in certain circumstances.

• Can measure annulus and internal pipe pressure.

• Has positively guided large 110 degree curves.

• Has guided a number of pilot holes in magnetic environments where it was not possible for other systems.

• Guided a number of parallel crossings where center to center spacing was of paramount importance.

• Has positively guided underground intersects from each side.

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